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All the questions that you were afraid to ask we will attempt to answer here.
 My background in weapons training, training in repair and use.
As well as a little about ourselves and our company.
My Standards Profile:
I plan on working to high standards that I learned in the Military (Navy) also with Arkansas Law Enforcement Departments.
 I have been trained on weapons that are used on the sea and land, so I understand the need for maintenance and storage requirements to prevent rust as well as keeping weapons ready for service without failure to fire or feed reliably being compromised.
 From .45 ACP 1911's to the Berretta M9. Long guns from the M-14 to the Mini-14.
Shotguns that ran the gamut of makers and models from Trench Guns 1897's to Mossberg 590 or Remington 870. 
Auto weapons from the M-14, M60, M2HB .50 cal.
during my service in the Navy 1978-84 90-92 I was assigned to various units and commands from Japan to Italy and many other places in between.
 I serviced my personal weapons as part of the Shipboard Security Force as well as serving as the armorer Petty Officer In Charge along with a team of Gunners Mates Guns (GMG) and 
Master At Arms (MAA).
 Serving at a Weapons Station on the west coast I served with the Marine Security force and MAA providing security for weapons loads for shipment and transfer to other bases. As a Cross Country Chaser in the Military Brig force we we’re armed and so more weapons training.
 Later during Desert Shield/Desert Storm serving with another Weapons Station as well as prisoner handling I served as the POIC on small arms/armorer for the security detail.
 In the Arkansas Law Enforcement field I served 7 years, attained the rank of Sergeant rode a horse for hours a day with sidearm, shotgun or rifle in a scabbard.
 Most of the guys did not like the cleaning detail so I asked to take over and became the Unit Armorer working on .38, .357, 9mm, .223 Mini-14 and various 12 gauge shotguns.
 Performing the basic to detail work in cleaning as well as minor gunsmith work dealing with parts repair and replacement. We did not have the tools for serious work like we did in the Navy but you work with what you have.
 I’ve been a shooter and hunter since 12 and have dealt with weapons for 40 years so feel safe with my work.
 I will test fire all repairs that deal with function or sight repair. You may request inspection and function tests as well. All live fire tests will be noted and test targets will accompany your firearm when it is returned.
 Thank you for your interest in our shop and work.

Yours in service
James Acerra  
My Shop:
We have updated the shop since this picture was taken.
As you have seen in my standards list I’ve been trained well and now as all good gunsmiths know I’ll be continuing with my education in the ART of GUNSMITHING .
 My shop is up to date and I have an extensive library of reference material and my own background of 40 years of knowledge in repair, cleaning, refurbish, refinish, produce or procure parts for a variety of firearms and weapons systems.
 I will make it my policy to provide quality care and repair of your tools and loved ones.

Contact by e-mail or snail mail or phone:
1016 Overlook Dr.
ARKANSAS or (AR) 72653
or phone: (870)-656-7084