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My Mission Statement:

Welcome to 


 a general gunsmith for all styles of firearms, smokeless powder or black powder firearms.
 I’ll repair, refinish, clean or build any style of firearm to order as long as it’s legal in Arkansas and the US.
 I’m alone for now but if work begins coming in, slowing down turnaround time, I’m going to bring in an apprentice so I can keep up as well as pass on the ART of GUNSMITHING!
 If you need that old favorite .22 re-stocked, re-barreled or refinished  Great.
 Need that home shotgun turned into a prime 
Home Defense Weapon (HDW) 
I’ll do it.
Want a new finish on that deer rifle or a scope mounted, dandy I’ll make it pretty and tough, as well as true and accurate.
 Need that wheel gun to sing, shoot and hit what it’s aimed at wonderful.
 I have a range available to test at, the firearm will be tested and the target with stats will be sent along with the finished job.
 Not sure about your firearm send it along with a description of it’s problem. I’ll check it out and clean it (three levels of choices there) repair, replace or make the part needed to get it back in battery. 
 Want that great gift for the man or woman that has everything well how about a rebuilt, refinished firearm that did not cost that much to get but looks like a million bucks NOW!!
 You provide the firearm or kit guns, I’ll fix it up, build it, refinish, restock it, coat the metal in various finishes (Cold Blue/Black, Parkerized, DuraCoat or Camo finish even Pink) then make sure it shoots where you aim it.
 Want that First weapon for the youngster same goes for that.
 I will NOT work on any firearm that is illegal or make one that is!!! 

 Together we can make a great team as well as a work of the gunsmiths art reality. 
Yours in service
James Acerra
Owner Operator

Contact by e-mail or snail mail or phone:
1016 Overlook Dr.
ARKANSAS or (AR) 72653
or phone: (870)-656-7084